Terms Conditions

All parking and traffic violations during rental period.
Gas used will be charged at the rated of $10.00 per 1/8 of a tank.
The first $800.00 of damages, only if the C.D.W. liability is accepted
Car theft insurance deductible $1500 if accepted
All damages, if the C.D.W. is declined
Damaged tires, rims, steering parts, broken windshields and glasses, also missing tools/accessories.
Minimum rental, 24 hours. Extra hourly rate: $15.00
Excessive sand and/or garbage returned wil be $50.00 charge. Travel RENT-A-CAR is not responsible for any items left in vehicle.
Damaged Tire:US$90-US$350 – Tools: US$100 -Hub Caps: US$140-US$160 – Number pLate: US$50-US$100 -Damaged/Lost key, Remote or Alarm: US$550-US$850 – Delevery of Spare or Key Locked in Car, Varies per Loction:US$25-US$50 – Jeep Returned with top off: US$40 – Damaged Jeep Top: US$350-US$1200 -Broken Antenna: US$50-US$75 – Steam Cleaning (excessive sanding, Staining or Soiling): US$125 Mats: US$40 -Door/Trunk Locks: US$225-US$375
I have read the Terms and Conditions of this agreement and agree thereto:

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